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Product Description

How does it work?
Nature uses natural forces gravity, ion exchange, layers of filtering, even magnetic fields to cleanse and purify water. The Natura water purification system uses these same principles in a portable, gravity flow system that filters water naturally providing nature’s perfect water in your own home!

Multi-layers of filtration
The Natura water purification system, removes sediment, chlorine, rust, bacteria, heavy metals, organic chemicals (THM’s, PCB’s and pesticides), detergents and other pollutants by allowing water to flow through 5 different filtration layers. Gravity, rather than forced flow, maximizes filtration time for greater removal of contaminants.*

  • ·Ceramic pre-filter
  • Rusts and other particulate matter are removed at the first stage of filtration. The ceramic filter captures sediment, removing particles and pollutants down to .3microns in size. (this filter can be washed and re-used extending its life up to one year depending on water quality)
  • ·Silver activated carbon filter
  • Carbon is one of the best and most widely-used filtering materials incorporated in quality filtration devices. Silver activated carbon combines the advantages of silver (as a bactericidal element) andactivated carbon (increasing the surface area of the carbon for greater adsorption of contaminants). Activated carbon fibers are highly effective for the removal of chlorine, and organic chemicals including THM’s, PCB’s and pesticides. The Natura silver activated carbon filter also removes odors and pigments from the water.
  • ·Mineral bead layer
  • This special filtration layer incorporates coral sand (coral calcium), tourmaline (negative ions), silver (anti-bacterial), and other bio-available minerals to naturally alkalize the water and improve taste.
  • ·Silica sand filter
  • Silica sand, (quartz) is a pure crystalline sand the most common mineral on the earth’s surface. Silica sand has been used in water filtration systems for many years to put the finishing touches on pure water.
  • ·Mineral Stones
  • After filtration, water passes over a bed of mineral stones called Silver Stone. This special stone is collected from 1000-2000 ft below sea level in unpolluted oceans. Silver Stone slowly releases oxygen and over 20 different ionized minerals into the water, for a pure, pH-balanced, oxygenated water.

Convenient , Economical & Easy to maintain
The Natura water purification system is portable and requires no installation the ultimate in convenience. Compared to other, water purification devices, Natura is extremely economical and easy to maintain. Simple cleaning and replacement of filters is all that is required.

Aesthetically Pleasing
The Natura water purification system is beautifully designed accenting the natural elements of this purification system. See-through resin allows you to experience the process almost like having a mountain stream in your own home.


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