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Product Info

What is Vitalizer Plus?

Awakens, Cleanses, Energizes & Revitalizes at the cellular level – where it counts!waterfall
The Vitalizer Plus incorporates basic principles utilized in Nature, to create a special life-enhancing water your body will love!

How does Nature create crystal clear living water?

It begins with the rain or snow which is naturally energized and often highly structured water. It uses movement – vortexes of energy and natural curves. It adds oxygen and minerals as water splashes and falls and it uses vital magnetic fields from the earth. The end result? A highly energized, structured, mineralized, oxygenated and purified living water!

Through a strong electromagnetic power, Vitalizer Plus generates a vortex, which turns the lifeless filtered, purified or distilled water into good creamy taste hexagonal structured water. This “tornado like motion” allows minerals and oxygen to be easily absorbed into the water molecules, and this process will also breakdown the large water molecules of filtered or purified water and make it pass through cell membrane instantly. The rapid hydration at the cellular level will boost energy instantly and enhance peak performance.
Now, you can create the same living water in your own home with the Vitalizer Plus!


Product Specifications

Vitalizer Plus holds two US Patents and is registered in eight countries. The company is established in 2001 and we have customers in 27 countries.

The company is seeking distributors worldwide.
Dimensions: 12” X12” X 16”
Weight: 9 lbs.
Mineral Cube Replacement: 4000 minutes
Activation Time: 9 minutes, 18 minutes, and 27 minutes.
MP: $799